Sumita Arora Informatics Practices Class 12 Pdf 686

AIM FOR THE BEST This is the time to be an exceptional student. Mediocre just won't cut it anymore. Competition is fiercer than ever, and you need to always be on the top of your game in order to compete with your peers and succeed academically. You've come a long way since elementary school, but it's not over yet! It's time to rise up and recreate yourself as a better student — one with confidence, commitment, and skill. After all, you have an entire adult life ahead of you. If you want to thrive during your high school years, then let's get started!

So, What's the Goal?

We're not saying that high school is harder than college or university. It isn't! But your classes are more challenging now, and things are more competitive. As a result, the way that you spend your time has become more important than ever. You can't afford to waste any of it. Just think about the places where you could be making huge improvements right now: \t\tYou've already received your grades back for first semester. How did you do? Write them down in your journal so you can keep track of your progress. Give yourself a grade in each subject, based on how well you performed in class. You've got to be honest! Then, take another look at the grade report, and see how much room for improvement there is. \t\tRemember that your goal is to earn an A in each class every semester—a 4. 0 in your transcript. \t \tWrite down the things you need to work on, and when you're ready, start with one thing at a time. You might start by learning more about that tricky word, doing memory work in class, or reading up on that new concept that's been confusing you. Practicing is important for all your courses, but it's especially important for mathematics and science courses—no matter what level of math or science course you're taking, you'll need to use a calculator more often than you realize. And, you will also need to apply what you're learning in the classroom. \t \tSet your sights high, and prepare yourself for success! When you start this course, you'll find that there are 6 chapters instead of the usual 4. Each chapter is worth one exam grade. Additional resources are included so that you can do extra practice in key areas of your class. We've included an Instructors' Guide at the end of this book so that teachers can use it with their classes. Quick tests are provided for teachers to use at any point during the school year to assess their students' progress in each subject. sumita arora informatics practices class 12 pdf 686


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